Portoflio Videography


Your Portfolio Presentation 


in video clips of moving images

Being fat or slim, tall or fair, young or old…does not matter to an Ad, TV serial Producer or Film maker. Show yourself in moving images, in different styles and in various moods. This is found to attract attention when you show it to any producer.

We will organize a script and tell you how to act, what to wear and how to pose. The rest is left to you since your performance will speak for itself through action and expression. 

If you are focused to the Ad / Film / TV industry of Mumbai or Chennai. And it is not easy access to visit to Mumbai or Chennai for all auditions and meetings, if you are in other part of country, or even further if you want to target the international media market. The best solution in this situation is to make your show reel (DVD), apart from your portfolio, the show reel should depict your looks, acting, dancing skills, voice, different get up etc., it should not be lengthy maximum for 5 – 10 minutes duration. It would help us to represent you even without your presence over here. 

Call us if interested and also get the latest production costs. 

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