How to treat body Odour

Body order is often easily treated in both men and women. Here are some easy tips  everybody can follow:

Take regular bath showers then use an anti perspirant followed by a deodorant to reduce sweating and inhibit bacterial growth.

Shaving under the armpits is advisable for women as bacteria thrive in damp areas. Keep body hair shaved or short in areas like the groin. Men should keep their hair  short in the armpits and the groin area.

Wear fresh clothes every day. Clothing should be washed at as high a temperature as possible than dried quickly. Bacteria often survive in damp clothing.

Wash feet regularly, dry them thoroughly and use antifungal powder if necessary. Avoid closed sweaty shoes;instead, wear leather shoes.Change your shoes and socks (Preferably cotton) daily.Go barefoot or wear open sandals as often as possible.

Wear cotton clothing  especially undergarments that let the skin breathe. Avoid synthetic clothes and wear loose-fitting clothes.

Crub your coffee and tea intake. Caffeine stimulates the autonomic nervous system, which regulates sweating.Limit your intake 2 cups a day.

Avoid eating spicy food A balanced diet is essential, ideally one that has about 20 percent grains and protein, (, poultry or pulses) 20 percent oils and fats with the balance vegetable and fruits. Drink a lot of water.

Avoid alcohol and smoking as they increase perspiration potential by dilating the blood vessels.


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