Apply Makeup as a Man - Tips

  • This is not uncommon among men and it is applied with a brush. You can find bronzers made exclusively for men (packaging is somewhat different), but don't be afraid to try the many options made available to women. The counter and packaging may be different, but women have more options with color and finish.
  • Try mineral makeups specifically designed for men. Mineral makeup is good for your skin, contains SPF protection, and is virtually undetectable. It is especially good if you have problems like acne.
  • If you have oily skin, consider using a shine-control hydrating lotion.
  • If you're older or have dry skin, you may need to step up to a heavier moisturizing cream. Some creams also have agents to help with wrinkles, reddening or other skin woes. Go to a makeup counter in the mall or a free standing store. You'll find it takes less time to speak to a consultant than it does to read misleading labels in a drug store.
  • The brushes that come with most bronzers are made of cheap plastic, or it comes with a puff sponge and can't apply powders evenly. Consider going to a makeup counter and buying a powder brush. These are very large brushes with soft hairs.
  • You may need to adjust your concealer for winter and summer depending on how much sun you've gotten. Don't be afraid to have seasonal products and go a few shades darker in the summer after you've had some sun.
  • If possible, get a very close shave and then allow your skin to rest about 20 minutes before continuing with the rest of your routine.

Don't touch your face during the day. It will rub off the makeup and also increase your likelihood of acne.

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