How to Break into Modeling / Acting at Any Age

Did you ever wonder if you have what it takes to be a model? Chances are you probably do. You see it’s a myth that only babies and beauty queens can become models. The truth is almost anyone can get work as a model and you don’t have to be young, thin or beautiful. There’s a demand for people of all ages and sizes. You just have to know how to market yourself.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Computer
  • Internet Access
  • Headshot/Composite
  • Resume
  • Phone
  • Start-up Money

Step 1:
Decide your “type”. Do you look like a corporate executive or a blue collar worker or a stay at home mom or a retiree? If you’re not sure about your type, you can get some ideas by looking at magazine and television ads.

Step 2:
Find a good photographer. Ask other models or talent agencies for recommendations. Ask to see samples of the photographer’s work before making a choice.

Step 3:
Prepare for your photo shoot. Choose enough clothing for about three or four different looks. You might pick a suit for a business look, jeans or shorts and a t-shirt for casual and a nice outfit to wear for your headshot.

Step 4:
Have your Website made. A website is a gallery to feature pictures of you in various poses. Usually it contains a headshot, a medium shot, and full body shot. You will need 100-200 copies to get started. Its easy, not to carry always bundled albums.

Step 5:
Market yourself. Register with numerous talent agencies, Modelling Directories. Websites. Contact advertising agencies, ad film makers, production companies and ask about being included in their pool of talent.

Step 6:
Audition as often as you can. The talent agencies you are registered with will contact you about auditions. You can also find out about castings on the internet from links found on some talent agency websites. Most of all, have fun and eventually you will be chosen.

" Do not wear too much cologne or perfume. You don’t want one of the casting crew to be sneezing or choking on how good you think you smell. What is to impress these people will be your talent, professionalism, and probably nothing else. "

The Result

No article on acting audition tips would be complete without a word or two about rejection.

As you have just read there are many ways that you can improve your chances of getting a role, but most actors will get turned down for most jobs most of the time. You could do all of the above and more and still be overlooked, but you should not take this as a comment on your ability. It just indicates that the casting panel thought that someone else was more suitable to that particular role at that particular time.

After the audition take a moment to objectively evaluate your work and make notes on the type of role your were called in to read. Record the names and addresses of the auditioner's so you can add them to your mailing list. Keep a diary of your auditions for six months and you will see patterns in the way you present yourself and how the industry sees you. You can then make adjustments accordingly.



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