How to become a newsreader in a television channel

Firstly, do you have an excellent command over your spoken English (Or Tamil)?
mainly  your pronunciation, diction, accent, and intonation.
These are a few ideas that have always noted, Simple but effective.

Have good diction pronunciation and depending upon which language you are speaking try to keep it accentless as far as possible. None should know what is your real native tongue.

Pleasing looks and a ready smile make you attractive. People look at who is speaking and only then listen to what is being said. So looks are as important as your words.

Emotion is for acting not news reading...keep voice as level and controlled as possible. Facial expressions should not betray your feelings.

Food habits include not eating high fibre foods in a meal before the session. They cause gas formation and you may burp or break wind embarassing yourself. Stick to a light meal and a good fruit juice...Try to avoid cold drinks as far as possible.

Finally, to become a news reader ,you must have excellent communication skills, ability to read fluently, be very interactive and have great presence of mind, needless to say you must be well read. Once you have the basic qualification, you should apply to the TV channels. You would be called for the Auditions and testing the basis aptitude. Once you are through, you would be on air! Good luck.




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