Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between and other co-ordination websites?
1. Quick Processing:
It is a direct approach and the media contact / agency / film makers will see you directly without the help of any mediator or co-ordinator and buzz you at any part of the world
2. View Full Portfolio:
In any interested observer can view your entire portfolio at a glance and get your contact number, instantly.
Co-ordination websites
1. Long and tedious Process:
In this case, the affair will be time-consuming, appointments made, mailing, conveyance…all this take time.
2. View Few Snaps:
Whereas in the case of a co-ordination websites, though your pictures are there, your contact number and address is held back. This entails a long process in dealing.

How many media persons know And what are the ways you promote

A modeling house is well known in the advertising circle and film environment, since 2002. It has, today, literally become a hunting ground for both, advertisers and model aspirants alike. 
We are committed to actively promoting this diary around the world. We want to make it one of the most widely viewed model data bank on the internet.

If is not a co-ordination website, how will models get assignments?

  • This website is nothing but like the yellow pages Directory. Here the Media personnel/ Film makers can view your pictures, get your contact address and number directly without any coordinator or mediator, Hassle free. You can roam in USA, Africa and India or anywhere across the globe. Just place your image and mobile number and you will be contacted.
  • Should you receive any calls from any ad agency or film maker and have difficulty in negotiating, get in touch with us for guidance absolutely free of cost.

How do I get modeling assignments and commission?

This is not co-ordination website. Your images and contact number is flashed globally and will invite heavy traffic curiosity-similar to the yellow pages directory. Your portraits will get great mileage.


If you find any difficulty in handling the agencies or any film maker, please feel free to call us for clarification and guidance. This service is free of  cost.


Once you enroll with us by paying our specific charges for website placement you need not pay any commission or service charge you can negotiate your payments directly from the Agency / Film-maker.

How do I submit my photos?

You may submit your photos by email or mail. If you are located in Chennai or nearby cities, you may come to our office with prior appointment. To register yourself by personal meeting, it is much better to meet personally, as we can assess your potential in better way.

Do I need professional photos? Where can I get portfolio photographer?

Yes, Portfolio is like a passport to visit a country, you should have a good quality of the pictures, as the portfolio is going to represent you in front of the clients; first and foremost a model is short listed for meetings and auditions through their still pictures. Since 1995,  we have specialized  in portfolio making and you can feel free to contact us for a prior appointment.

I don't live in Chennai nor Mumbai, can I still register?

Absolutely! We work with aspiring models from all Indian cities as well from other countries. We regularly place models, who are located out of Chennai, out of India, because our visitors from around the world.

Can't I Just Send My Photos To The Agencies Myself?

Yes, you can. But, did you know that photos mailed or emailed to the top Indian or international agencies are rarely opened or end up in the garbage within seconds of being opened.

As a new model you have about 5 seconds to get the attention of a busy agent / co-ordintor. If they aren’t interested in you in a split-second then your opportunity with that agency is over.

That is the reason have flashed the contact numbers of the models directly to the media personnals.
The staff at our office take the time to carefully look over every single e-mail, mouse click, website traffic, site promotions etc., If you are selected by an Ad agency or Film maker, we will spend the time necessary to help you start your career.

Do you accept registrations of any age group?

Yes, we accept enrolments of all ages from 1 - 80 Years.

Do I need to have modeling experience?

No, you do not have to have modeling experience to submit your photos to Indian models, In case if you need any training or acting classes we will organize.

Why is there a fee to submit my photos?

The. fee helps to cover the costs of operating our website such as web designers, hosting, advertising, office staff, etc. This fee is much less than you would pay for making copies of all your photos and mailing them to all of the agencies or film makers and is much less than many online services who charge between Rs.9000 – 35000/-. per year simply to post your photos on their websites for co-ordination and the chances is extremely rare. is the most efficient and cost-effective way to promote your career into the acting and modeling industry.

How much is the Fee? What other expenses will I have?

The fee to register with us as a member of, we charge a minimum amount of Rs. 9,920/-. There are no other costs involved and there will not be additional charges like commission, Service charge etc. Once you get selected and paid by a client.

How Can I make Payment for Registration?

While sending/mailing your pictures you have below options for payment:

1. You can email your pictures and can make online payment by credit/Debit card.

2. You can also make payment by Cheque/Demand draft in favour of ‘Jeevan Infomedia’ payable Chennai and courier at the below address with your pictures and bio data.

3. If you are located out of Chennai, you may directly deposit cheque in our  bank account and can email your pictures and bio data with the deposited cheque details to us. Call us for more details about the payment procedure.

Do you guarantee I will get a modelling assignment?

No legitimate model agency service, model search, coordinator, media manager can guarantee that a new model with be signed to an acting/modeling contract. We can tell you that the success rate for new models chosen by the is 90%. Have a look at some of the success stories of our past participants.

What type of guarantee Do you offer?  guarantees that your photos will be viewed  by qualified Advertising agencies, TV & Film producers, Directors, Media personnel in India and over 100 of the world’s top international agencies and that every effort will be made to help you succeed in accomplishing your goal.


Ultimately your looks and performance will make the client to select you for their assignment. doesn't guarantee that you will be offered a contract, but It is the right gateway to explore in the world of acting and modelling world without the help of co-ordinators or co-ordination websites. 
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